"Providing leadership in education, health and safety by facilitating strategic collaborations and developing outreach programs to allow individuals to explore alternative expressions of sexuality in a safe environment." -- Since 1983.

Avatar Boot Camp

Upcoming Avatar Boot Camps

In keeping with our mission of leadership in education, health and safety, Avatar Boot Camp is a series of workshops in various BDSM topics taught by members of Avatar Club Los Angeles.

Avatar Boot Camps are for men interested in various aspects of the leather scene to either try new things, or learn more about what we do, and how to do it safely.

The topics of the classes taught change each year, but the most common topics are bondage, ropes, flogging, whipping, cock and ball play, hot wax, sensory deprivation and electricity. Many other topics have been taught since the workshops began in 2001.

Tickets for these classes must be purchased online in advance. Ticket purchase links are posted here as we get closer to the date of each class.

These workshops are for men only. Attendance for each workshop is usually $20 per class.

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These are the next upcoming Avatar Boot Camp Workshops:

Saturday, August 24, 2019
Workshop #1: ZAP! Electrical Play - 12:00 Noon
Workshop #2: Sensual Hot Wax - 3:00 PM

ZAP! Electrical Play: Electricity can provide a wealth of fun and excitement when safely used in BDSM play. There are several ways of using electricity to amplify a scene from mundane to "sparktacular." While caution is always advised, electrical play is safe and can be sensual and filled with pleasure.

This class will show the basics for using two types of electrical play: Violet Wand and TENS/EMS units. Each type of electrical play produces it's own type of sensation and therefore requires specific ways to safely use each device.

Sensual Hot Wax: Hot wax is a highly sensual, sexual, erotic journey. The slow drip of wax onto flesh creaes a an erotic journey of pleasure mixed with a the slightest sensation of pain. The anticipation of where the next drop will fall can leave the bottom moaning in excitement and anticipation.

A great wax scene can leave both the top and bottom ready to take their playto a new level of erotic exploration. We will explore additional things to do to add a little extra spice during a hot wax scene.

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There will be additional Boot Camps this year! More info about future workshops will be posted here soon.

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