"Providing leadership in education, health and safety by facilitating strategic collaborations and developing outreach programs to allow individuals to explore alternative expressions of sexuality in a safe environment." -- Since 1983.

Avatar Boot Camp

Avatar Book Camp - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avatar Boot Camp?
In keeping with our mission of leadership in education, health and safety, Avatar Boot Camp is a series of workshops in various BDSM topics taught by members of Avatar Club Los Angeles.

The topics are determined each year but the most common topics are bondage, rope bondage, flogging, whipping, cock and ball play, hot wax, sensory deprivation, electricity and puppy play. Many other topics have been taught since the workshops began in 2001.

When are they held?
Generally they are held on a Saturday, from noon to 5:00 PM. Each class lasts between one and a half hours and two and a half hours.

Where they held?
The workshops are usually held in the San Fernando Valley in the North Hollywood area. All registrants are notified in advance of the exact location after registering.

Who can attend?
Because of the hands-on interactive nature of the classes, the workshops are open to men only. All participants must be over the age of 18.

Are the workshops limited to gay men?
No. The workshops are open to all men regardless of orientation.

What is the cost to attend?
Most workshops cost $20, however some workshops may require an additional fee for materials.

What is the form of the workshop?
Each workshop is unique and the form depends on the primary instructor. Some workshops include a lecture portion and a hands-on experience portion, others are lecture with demos and/or student participation. For some workshops, an optional mini-play party is offered for the participants to practice the skills they were taught.

Do I have to both top and bottom in a workshop?
No, but experiencing both top and bottom in a workshop is encouraged even if you have no intention of assuming the other role in actual play. We believe that it is helpful for both a top and a bottom to learn what their play partner is feeling.

Are the participants naked during the workshops?
Some workshops require the participants to undress partially or fully, such as cock and ball play, while other workshops do not require the participant to undress whatsoever, such as beginning rope bondage.

Do I have to bring a partner?
No. During the hands-on portion of the workshop, the participants will generally pair up and often change partners at least once during the workshop. Occasionally, a couple will come that wants to remain together during the workshop and this is permitted. Most participants come as singles rather than as couples. We welcome both.

How many people are in a workshop?
The number of persons in the workshop varies by the number registered. A workshop may contain as few as 5 people or as many as 20 depending on the topic being taught, and the space and equipment available.

Is there a test at the end of the workshop?
No. We are not that sadistic. (Well... we can be if you ask nicely...)

Can I take the same workshop multiple times?
Yes. You can take the same workshop as many times as you would like, there's always more to learn.

Do I have to have any prior knowledge of the topic in order to take a workshop?
Usually not. If the topic being taught requires prior knowledge, the description of the workshop will include what you should already know in order to take the workshop.

Is sex part of the workshop?
No. Workshops put on by Avatar Club Los Angeles are a place to learn and experience. Sex is not allowed during the class.

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